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Motivations of a Young Entrepreneur

An interview with Kajol Arora, founder of The Aurora Creatives, a social media and digital marketing agency.

How did Aurora Creatives come to be?

When I first started the photo blog called Aurora Creatives, my vision was only to share bit by bit what I experienced, no photos could do justice to the feelings but it was a small attempt to share that happiness and beauty through the lens of my camera. I loved writing about smaller details that made me happy at a particular place and going into finding little corners and nooks that were so beautiful that it had to be captured and shared, the delicious meal that I felt happy being sloppy with, that souvenir I bought which will always take me right back to these memories. The page was about the people who we come across and how each one is magical in their own way.

Do you have a personal philosophy regarding your work?

Starting out with a small willingness in my heart to bring about change and positivism using creativity. One thing, that exists in all of us but many of us fail to appreciate and acknowledge.

A person can be creative in multiple ways, each one has the capacity to do something better and to bring about a positive change in any situation just by using creativity. That is how I define it, because work for me is not something that has to be done it should be something you want to do, which makes you smile and get excited each time a new task comes on board. No matter what the time and place it comes from but creativity is best when it comes from the heart.

What motivates you outside of work? Recharges your batteries so to speak.

Travelling has been my biggest inspiration throughout the crazy journey called life. To meet new people and to explore different cities, cultures and to watch it differently each time with a new eye, a new perspective has opened up so many versions of this world to me that I never knew existed. I believe that by getting lost in this world, is the only way you’ll ever find yourself.

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