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Ctrl+Alt+Lead is an initiative by The Aurora Creatives and Mentorica Institute of soft learning.

The goal with the endeavour was to make learning fun in the most practical of ways.

Year 2020 has been a year mostly full of downs than ups which have fostered habits that seem to have spiralled out of control such as mindless scrolling through social media for hours unaccounted for. Our stream of thoughts is a motley mixture which disable our ability to stay focussed, which is why when doing something we ought to do we think about the things we could do.

When we are working, we are always seeking time out to be able to pursue interests and hobbies or acquire skills that may prove beneficial in the future. Upon having that time in hand, we tend to overlook its pre-eminence.With Ctrl+Alt+Lead our aim was to give people that nudge they required to step out of their comfort zone and explore new fun ways to learn, while interacting with experts, and getting the answers to all of their burning questions. For the platform to be multifaceted, wherein there’s something for everyone, we ensured that there are experts from various fields including the best in Dance, Dramatics, Web Development, Singing, Designing, in a perfect world every professional under the sun to teach the fundamentals of varied skills.

The old-fashioned way of learning new skills would require being in a definite set up and having face to face interactions in person, with 2020 that could clearly not have been possible so we took to online platforms to make visual learning as spontaneous and seamless as classroom learning.

We handpicked experts from varied fields such as Architecture, dressmaking, website designing etc. and had people of all age groups, background and professions, who had the zest to acquire a new set of skills join in.

This led to the culmination of all-inclusive sessions where showing, sharing and acquiring of new skill sets became an insightful, fun, uncomplicated and invigorating experience from start to finish for everyone who was a part of the program.

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